Saturday, March 13, 2010


By Sarah Ahmad

Confined to a fragile war
Targets hanging by the deprived
Deceitful hope of the prime youth

Presence explodes
in the face of easy questions

Exploitation a lost prey for the weak
Conscious methods cornered and disguised

Hunger for apathy sustains the deprived.

Sarah Ahmad, 22 years old, was born in India and lives in Pakistan. She considers herself a struggling poet and artist as in her world where life is so fragile, not knowing if you will return alive every time you step out of the house, getting someone to acknowledge your art is a real struggle. Her work has appeared in various e-zines and magazines and that gives her a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Her chapbooks are Unfulfilled Doubts (2010) from Artistically Declined Press and Chaotic Disillusion (2010) from Calliope Nerve Media.

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